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Module 1a: PR-related Web Sites


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MarkNETing is a very comprehensive public relations site that deals specifically with Internet communications. The site contains information about advertising, site promotion, public relations, along with discussions on electronic mail management, broadcast messaging, purchasing e-mail lists and programs for creating personalized email messages.

The site has information on free places to advertise on the web, web site planning kits and a directory on how to get web sites listed with search engines and bulletin boards, as well as reviews of and links to fee-based web launching companies. There are links to national media organizations, public relations consulting firms and educational resources.

PR Web

PR Web is a huge, if not overwhelming, source for public relations and marketing information. The site is fairly simple and easy to navigate, with plenty of general resources for public relations and marketing. There is an extensive press release archive categorized by industry, case studies based on high profile companies, hands-on tutorials and links to dozens of other PR-related web sites.

Press releases and related URLs can be submitted directly to PR Web for display on the site. There is no charge for this service. The site also includes tips and advice on creating and promoting web sites, and consulting firms and contacts at most major news organizations. There are plenty of examples of good (and bad) press releases, along with several content-specific templates.

Public Relations Society of

The Public Relations Society of America's web site has a variety of useful and informative resources, including membership information and a direct link to its student affiliate (PRSSA). Detailed information about receiving certification through the association can also be found on the site.

The site contains details on upcoming seminars, meetings and conferences, and links to satellite organizations provide direct access to local chapters. These localized sites feature detailed and geographically relevant information about the organization and its functions. A classified section offers both members and non-members the opportunity to browse through products and services available through the organization. A publications section provides information about various guides, tutorials, handbooks, trade magazines and related resources which may be useful to public relations and marketing professionals.

National PR Network

The National PR Network is an Internet-based organization boasting over 3,400 members. The site claims to be the place where "advertising and marketing pros meet." The site features a chat room, message board, searchable database and a wide variety of public relations information, from trade magazines to book and seminars.

The site's multiple advertising banners and links to fee-for-content news organizations and hit count of just over 40,000 don't give the impression that this organization is not particularly powerful or prestigious (note the .com in the address). Nonetheless, the site does contain directories and links to public relations and marketing firms, employment listings, resume postings and even offers free newsletters and updates via email.

Edelman Worldwide

While this site is essentially an advertising tool for Edelman Worldwide, an international public relations and consulting firm, it also contains dozens of case studies on clients like AT&T, Fuji and Microsoft. Organized by areas of specialty from technology to healthcare, these case studies profile different problems and objectives and the firm's approaches to resolving these issues.

The site also contains an archive of past press releases issued by the company. The company's extremely diverse and high profile clients help illustrate public relations problems and resolutions in the marketplace. Reviewing older press releases is both interesting and useful, especially when they can be compared to what the press release said to how actual events occurred.

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